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Reliable technology is the basis of high-quality analysis

Replise Analytics offers an effective solution supporting the preparation of social media announcements, reports, and deep analyses related to daily operational processes. Our goal is to provide maximum coverage in all countries, based on local cultural and linguistic characteristics. Our intuitive software can be installed free-of-charge. But that’s only the beginning: the real work comes afterwards. Learn about our value-added services.




Automatic and manual polarization

Automatic or Manual: the choice is yours. We strongly believe in the importance of the human factor, so for the most accurate results, we recommend manual polarization. Our analysts provide this service in more than 40 languages.

Dynamic system

You’ve got questions? We have answers. With Replise’s real-time research interface, if you are looking for industry sector comparisons, text analysis, channel evaluation or identification of opinion leaders, the unique, dynamic presentation of social “big data” helps uncover the answers.


Historic data

Our system can sift through historical data.


Support and training

We’re here to help – Anyone, Anytime. We provide user training and technical support for software and research needs.


Integration options and intuitive functionality

Alerting and exporting capabilities, API’s, and automatic dashboard reporting are available. Presentations can be enhanced using intuitive illustrations and a few clicks of the mouse.