Crossing the Trough of Disillusionment – Combine Cutting Edge Technology with Human Intelligence

This is a blogpost written by our team in Germany. Thanks guys.

SocialMediaDisillusionmentEveryone talks about Big Data – using the word for several different things like in-memory databases, customer relationship management (CRM) or social media marketing. Bottom line of all those discussions: we produce a huge amount of data every day. Why not use it? Read on to find out how to combine cutting edge social media listening technology with human intelligence for best business results.

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Behind the Curtain of Social Listening

The following blogpost has been contributed by our team in Germany. Many thanks guys.


SocialMediaActivitybyDaybyHourThe volume of user-generated online content has reached the potential for consumer brands to conduct extensive market research for quite some time now.


We tap this potential to help companies to better understand their customers and the perception of their brands. The groundwork is already laid out with the available data: The massive volume of consumer voices and unperturbed data collection ensure result validity. Consumers are not motivated through incentives and express their views intrinsically.


This allows long-term projects that monitor and analyze a brand’s environment and perception as well as short term analyses that provides a snapshot of these factors – a great advantage, compared to traditional market research.



Where Social Listening can provide answers

While the potential for Social Media Listening is huge, there are limitations on monitoring and analysis. The main questions where answers can be provided are these:

  • Who is talking about a brand? This includes influencer identification, stakeholder clustering and gaining insights into demographics
  • What is being said? Topics and subtopics can be analyzed and categorized as well as the context and opinions of users.
  • When are conversations taking place? Occasions, times of day and frequency of updates are important insights.
  • Where are conversations taking place? Different conversations, brands and issues are being discussed on a variety of channels and platforms.
  • Why are users engaging in specific conversations? Their motivation or the objective they want to achieve through the discussion as well as the way they do it need to be understood.


Example 1: Frequency and Occasions – Social Media Trendline


Social-media-trendlinesReplise has conducted a smart TV market analysis in time for the IFA 2013 consumer electronics exposition in Berlin. 19,541 mentions were collected in the defined time period from January 2013 to August 2013 with the Replise system on Facebook, Twitter, video platforms, forums and blogs.



The above graph shows when users posted content. If a set of particularly high peaks can be identified, the Replise analysts read a sample of the content to identify the issues that triggered the increased output. The two highest peaks in the example above were triggered by the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and a promotion by Samsung. Pulling the data from the Replise system and providing the first insights only takes a few hours.


Example 2: Topic clusters and Context – Social Media Conversations

Social-Media-Topic-ClustersReplise took a closer look at Samsung, LG, Philips and Sony for the smart TV research. To be able to analyze the context each brand is being discussed in, a sample of 1,661 posts was randomly chosen from the 19,541 original posts.



The sample is then read manually and the posts are categorized by trained analysts. The graphic above shows the shares of different topics Samsung is being discussed in and is only one example for the research results. Conducting this deeper content analysis takes about two days.


What is the right question for you?

Replise has standardized a variety of reports and research methods to streamline the research process. To find out more about our products and how you can leverage the data that is available about your brand, check out our Social Media analytics and listening products page. If you’re interested in our methods and would like to know more about our research design, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Research Directors. If you’re a research professional who is interested in the potential of Social Intelligence, we’d probably like to hire you – check out our current job offers.


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Quick Glance at CEE Social Media Data

This is the follow-up to our social media statistics for Western Europe. Here is the central and eastern european version the social media data source samples, the total number of messages in March 2014.


The number of social media messages in Hungary and Poland in March 2014


It’s interesting to see how strong for example tumblr is in Poland with over 3 million messages coming in from tumblr.


In Hungary, probably the most notable thing is that even tough the market is small, it has over 2 million news items in March.


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An Interview Annabelle Atchison – Director for 33 Digital, Hotwire PR Germany’s digital branch

33 Digital - Annabelle Atchison

This is a blog post from our German office with one of the thought leaders in the German digital space, Annabelle Atchison.



Social Intelligence and Social Media monitoring gets more and more important in the day to day life of digital agencies.


Reason enough for Replise to discuss this topic with Annabelle Atchison, Director at 33 Digital, Hotwire PR Germany’s digital branch.




Replise: What does social media monitoring mean for agencies today?


Annabelle: The PR industry is used to scanning traditional newspapers and collecting clippings. But with the immense scale of conversations taking place within the social networks and the impact these discussions can have, it would be negligent to ignore Facebook, Twitter and Co. (more…)

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Our day at Paci Doki foundation

Just wanted to share a quick pic with you about a little charity work we did on friday.


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Latest Social Media Statistics from the UK and Germany

With our new international data-sources fully integrated with the Replise Social Media Analytics platform, we have a we have a few interesting statistics now available for us.


social media statisticsSo just to give you an idea of what kind of information we have available we created a small info graphic about the number of messages that we had in from the German market and the UK.


If you look at the numbers it actually is quite amazing that for Tumblr, we have 10-11 million post specially both in Germany and the UK. Similarly, forums are also in the 5-10 million range.


Stay tuned we’ll have more information you available for the the Hungarian and the Polish markets. Probably available early next week. (more…)

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A Busy Week for Us: Global Management Expansion, IAB Conference and We Got You Running

Just wanted to keep you all posted about a few things that have been happening around here.


Global Expansion of Our Management Team

We announced this week that Dan Foreman joined the managament team as non-executive director. He is a fantastic addition to the team so we’re really pleased to have the opportunity to work with him. Check out the new management members here.


IAB Conference Poland

Dominika Poleszak, who has been appointed MD of our Polish office, made a joint presentation with Havas at the IAB conference in Poland. Further details, including the presentation, will bereleased shortly. Stay tuned.

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Three Reasons Why PR and Marketing Agencies Need A White-Label Social Media Intelligence Service in Their Portfolio

With One Brief, One Deadline and One Provider – Research as many markets and languages as you need

We work with numerous PR, Marketing and Communications agencies throughout the entire client project lifecycle, from before the brief, through the planning and creative phases, all the way to campaign tracking and follow-up analysis. Below, we have outlined some of the added value that these agencies and their clients can enjoy.

Three factors how your agency can benefit from social intel

  • The operational advantage that with one brief, one deadline, you can commission research in as many markets globally as you need.
  • Our biggest differentiator is that we are a specialist team with the deep know-how to extract social media insights.
  • We handle multiple languages and locations from a single, cost efficient hub in Europe.

How you can further leverage our strengths


social media intelligence solutions for pr and marketing agenciesThe Replise team specialises in social media intelligence. Agencies use us because we bring a spike of expertise that complements their other research skills


Because we’re focused, scalable and bring practical know-how to social intel, our turnaround times are impressive – let us show you


Our pricing is very competitive, transparent and often surprisingly low. We provide very good value for money

White label

Your customer facing team will impress your clients with high quality research that strengthens your brand’s reputation using our in-depth social media intelligence


Starting and managing a project with us is easy. We work as a single team resource, your expert partners, on your brief, in your timezone

Tool agnostic

We use the same tools as you do. If you already use a tool or have the data, we can extract the intelligence from it. If you don’t have an existing provider, we can gather as well as analyse the data for you

Global consistency

We provide the same, consistent level of service wherever you are. If you are an executive in New Zealand, Germany or Mexico – you will receive the same, consistent high quality product as your colleagues. We frequently integrate with your existing systems, products and challenges


We are glocal. Our data coverage is global, but our analyses are always local, taking regional, market and language differences into account

But, of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Contacts us for a free proof of concept trial now.

Download our Agency Project Profile document here (List of agencies, projects, industries, markets and languages we work with)

Download Our Agency Portfolio
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Confused About Social Media Monitoring? Here’s Your Cheat Sheet.

Social media monitoring is a catch-all phrase: in sloppy office jargon, it refers to pretty much everything that measures or analyzes social media content. As with all next big things, it can be hard to grasp how it became so indispensable and what exactly it involves. This post sheds some light on the origins, the evolution and the different approaches of SMM.



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Replise Nominated for Best Use of Social Media and Innovation Awards in the 2014 AMEC Awards

Press Release: Replise HQ, Budapest, Hungary – 1st February 2014


Replise, the social intelligence company, announced today its nomination in two categories for the prestigious AMEC awards this year. Replise, a leading provider of social media listening and intelligence solutions, has entered its recent Mustard research report in two categories: Best Use of Social Media Measurement, which recognises entries that demonstrate best practice in measurement in the digital space; and the Innovation award, which show novel, innovative ways to track and measure communications performance through research and measurement. “In this incredibly competitive space, I am proud that the Replise analyst team as well as the software team are able to meet rigorous professional standards, and deliver quality research that is second to none” Gergo Vari, CEO of Replise added.


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