Frequently Asked Questions

What does Social Intelligence mean?

To us, Social intelligence means the analysis of online dialogs via social media with classic qualitative and quantitative market research methods. The results are reports and analyses that support a company’s strategic business goals and decision-making process.

How much do these services cost, what is your pricing model?

The pricing of our analytics service depends on the depth and breadth of coverage as reflected in the number of base sets. Prices of Listening and Intelligence Services depend on the client’s unique needs, the hits to be processed, and the number of hours devoted to analysis.

What reporting solutions does Replise offer?

Our system allows the creation and export of any report to support operative processes. A mutually agreed-on valuation system that focuses on important and relevant criteria is defined to support the client’s requirements. The frequency and contents of reports (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly or ad-hoc) always reflects the client’s goals..

How does the Replise Analytics software differ from other social media monitoring tools?

The Replise’s system can help support PR, customer service and other operational processes; however the primary benefits are the features that focus on market research functions. By leveraging our dynamic widget system to dig deep into the analysis, a user merely clicks on a chart to identify the key areas to drill down. This feature allows a market analyst to uncover at an aggregate or granular level key insight about a market. (View our “Screencast” video here»»)

What is the dynamic widget system?

Other social media tools allow for static, single-level monitoring of social media spaces. In our dynamic system, you can compare anything to anything; you can drill down into any area. We can view one day’s outliers, or we can use it to uncover another analysis.

How does Replise analyze sentiment?

There is no artificial sentiment solution that could come close to the evaluation by the human brain. Evaluation is made more difficult by frequent hidden cynicism, often indicated by quotation marks. We therefore leave it up to our client to decide if they want manual or automatic sentiment analysis. For instant alarms to manage reputation, automatic sentiment analysis is recommended, while for reports and research papers, manual processing is preferred.

How often is new content entered into the system?

A crucial element of the software, our proprietary search engine visits source pages on an ongoing basis. The frequency of visits depends on the average activity level of the given source. For many sources, we can guarantee instant (within one second) scans, while for other sites, we analyze data within a few hours.

What pages are monitored by Replise?

Our tool indexes contents and comments in forums, blogs, video sharing sites, news sites, online magazines, Twitter and Facebook.

How much historic data can Replise access?

Replise system can provide access to up to the past 3 years of data, depending on the type of package and the requirements requested by the client.

How representative is social media research?

Social media research shows what one can uncover when reviewing user or participant generated content on social media sites. It provides insight into what consumers groups are discussing, what questions, issues, recommendations, observations they have on brands, products, or any other issues of interest. Insight gained from the community can be used to support or complement traditional research methodologies.

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