Frequently Asked Questions

In which countries is Replise available?

Most Replise services are available all over of the world. Our staff covers over 40 languages, prepares intelligence studies on many markets, including China, Brazil and the European markets.

What does Social Intelligence mean?

To us, Social intelligence means the analysis of online dialogs via social media with classic qualitative and quantitative market research methods. The results are reports and analyses that support a company’s strategic business goals and decision-making process.

How much do these services cost, what is your pricing model?

The pricing of our analytics service depends on the depth and breadth of coverage as reflected in the number of base sets. Prices of Listening and Intelligence Services depend on the client’s unique needs, the hits to be processed, and the number of hours devoted to analysis.

What reporting solutions does Replise offer?

Our system allows the creation and export of any report to support operative processes. A mutually agreed-on valuation system that focuses on important and relevant criteria is defined to support the client’s requirements. The frequency and contents of reports (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly or ad-hoc) always reflects the client’s goals..