In order to lead a company efficiently, it is important to understand your consumers. Use information on social media sites and share relevant information within the organization. Build a company with a voice through participation in social media.

With Replise, you can build a truly 21st century company through socially sourced change management, which not only pays attention to the demand it creates, but also optimizes its operations with adequate answers.


Consumer opinions affecting the company

On social media networks, any opinion on your products, services, or staff may affect the reputation of the company. You can receive ongoing and prompt feedback on your company’s reputation as perceived within social media.


Communications efficiency

Learn about the impact of your campaigns; uncover the reaction of consumers and how your message spreads.


Customer service, sales

Reveal the client experience regarding your organization, identify potential new customers and measure customer satisfaction. You might even identify hidden financial and logistical problems uncovered from feedback that can help your company operate more efficiently.


Research & development

Consumers voice their valuable opinions and recommendations in casual chats, which may contribute to a given research phase or may help complete a research process. Research in social media can bring quicker and more cost-effective results, than other classic offline methods. Consider this the new company suggestion box available to anyone anywhere in the world.



Your employees’ opinions also affect your company’s image. A positive evaluation means a competitive advantage on the labor market, and has a beneficial effect on employee relationships and processes. Analyze and impact employee satisfaction, be one step ahead in the competition for the best experts in the market.