Crossing the Trough of Disillusionment – Combine Cutting Edge Technology with Human Intelligence

This is a blogpost written by our team in Germany. Thanks guys.

SocialMediaDisillusionmentEveryone talks about Big Data – using the word for several different things like in-memory databases, customer relationship management (CRM) or social media marketing. Bottom line of all those discussions: we produce a huge amount of data every day. Why not use it? Read on to find out how to combine cutting edge social media listening technology with human intelligence for best business results.







Social analysis suffers from inflated expectations

As a social intelligence company we focus of course on social analytics: the analysis of user created data on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, forums etc. The Gartner analysts call this content analytics and send it right to the “Through of Disllusionment” in their yearly trend barometer Gartner Hype Cycle. The Hype Cycle helps to identify the current status of a technology trend starting with the Technology Trigger followed by the Peak of Inflated Expectations where content analytics can be found in this year’s cycle. After a technology didn’t live up to the expectations created by the market hype, a trend is falling into the Through of Disillusionment before finding business cases, thus reaching the Slope of Enlightment leading up to the Plateau of Productivity when the technology has matured and is broadly adopted. Gartner’s analysts think content analytics will need another five to ten years to reach this plateau.


Technology alone won’t get you there

Collecting relevant data is no longer a problem in social media analytics. Making sense of the data and turning raw statistics into valuable business intelligence poses the real challenge. Especially consumer brands score thousands of mentions online, but just counting them doesn’t help the business. This is exactly why Gartner is seeing “inflated expectations”: marketing strategists see pure output but need to understand the outcome. Even automated sentiment analysis is still in its infancy, making progress for English speaking markets but failing in international environments.


Social Listening combines available with data human intelligence

So, will brands have to wait another ten years to be able to work with the data they’re collecting? Only if they rely on technology alone. Human intelligence in the form of specialized data analysts can help to build a bridge across the Through of Disillusionment, but many companies lack the necessary resources. At Replise, we’re doing just that: Our analysts extract insights by applying established and in-house developed research methodology. These insights can support and sometimes even subsidize traditional market research. Make sure you check out our Social Listening and Intelligence portfolio if you’re interested in how we can help your brand better understand its positioning in online conversations.

Lefty 2014. May 18.