“Glocal” Focus

“Glocal” Focus

Global Solutions, Local Know-How


No matter how global a topic may be, to effectively analyze any topic, it is necessary to be familiar with the economic, linguistic and cultural characteristics of the countries involved. Hence, our dedicated consultants are available to provide user training to minimize the user learning curve along with our local client support experts to answer questions along the way.


International Research with Local Analysts

We have analyzed data across 60+ countries and in more than 40+ languages to provide a 360 degree view of individual consumer habits, attitudes and trends to optimize strategic decision making. We have amassed vast knowledge and have fined-tuned best practices.


Our Service Network

To have high quality relevant local market research, a broad range of relevant information from trusted local sources and service providers is important. Our network covers all countries in Europe: 24 local and 4 international partners provide access to any market at anytime, anywhere, without delay. Many up-and-coming companies take advantage of our analytics capabilities and technological experience to quickly succeed in these markets.


Software-Independent Solutions

The goal of our research is to help clients reach the most accurate and relevant conclusions, we often combine data from global and local market-leading monitoring sources to provide a complete view of the market. We leverage the leading monitoring solutions available daily.


Innovative Approach

We are a leader in social media research. Replise is breaking new ground in analytics, and creating new solutions; we are committed to development and are evolving with the changing technologies. A new social reality has reached; a new discipline has arisen; Replise is a pioneer providing unique solutions.