Latest Social Media Statistics from the UK and Germany

With our new international data-sources fully integrated with the Replise Social Media Analytics platform, we have a we have a few interesting statistics now available for us.


social media statisticsSo just to give you an idea of what kind of information we have available we created a small info graphic about the number of messages that we had in from the German market and the UK.


If you look at the numbers it actually is quite amazing that for Tumblr, we have 10-11 million post specially both in Germany and the UK. Similarly, forums are also in the 5-10 million range.


Stay tuned we’ll have more information you available for the the Hungarian and the Polish markets. Probably available early next week.


The Number of Social Media Messages in March 2014 in Germany and the UK

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Replise Social Media Statistics Infographic - 2014 March Germany and UK

Lefty 2014. April 3.