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Platform-independent solutions

Using Replise creates value for clients. The process of aggregating and synthesizing data for decision-making and developing business strategies can take a considerable amount of time, knowledge, and human resources. As part of our Listening Service, a dedicated analyst will provide assistance in organizing and evaluating data, and synthesize the information into a usable and relevant framework in concise and richly illustrated executive summaries.





Daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reports, benchmarking, trend and campaign analyses, as well as annual summaries, all customized to clients’ needs.


Key performance indicators

Companies frequently ask – What should or could be measured in the social media space? We not only listen to clients, but we also collaborate to develop the best solutions based on strategic goals.

Manual polarization and labeling

There is no artificial intelligence more accurate than the insight of an expert analyst. In our research reports, we outline the findings extracted from social media posts; evaluate their tone, context, and aggregate content based on pre-defined criteria.


Replise is “Glocal”

Our service is agnostic of platform or language. Our analyst team, fluent over 40 languages, serves a variety of requests from data within or external to the Replise system. Our systems and data are amongst the best in Europe.