Social media may support planning activities and provide feedback on a brand and the success rate of a given campaign.  Social media provides opportunity for marketing experts to study the behavior, motivations and value systems of specific target groups. Whether it’s about communications strategy, market research, product development, or the monitoring of competitors, Replise’s solutions provide accurate and detailed data to help market researchers.




Campaign planning and analysis

Everything happens fast in social media. It makes sense to obtain early consumer feedback and fine-tune campaigns accordingly. Explanations accounting for drastic changes in sales volumes, and the success (or failure) of a campaign can often be identified using social media.




Identifying opinion leaders and channels

The opinion leaders of online communities can be identified, allowing communications with a target group, and testing of new strategies. You can also identify communications channels where consumers and potential customers discuss the brand, new products and competitors.


Product development

You can reveal what people think about a product or service, and any latent needs to address with further developments.



Influencing buying decisions

You can uncover the influencers of consumer behavior and buying decisions, and how to best address them. Understand product enhancement opportunities and consumer preferences using social media.

Competitor analysis, benchmarking

Find out how your competitors are performing, and their consumers’ opinions in the social media space. Research proven best practices or conduct benchmarking activities using social media. Try Replise!