Our Company

Our Company

Reliable, Consistent Quality in all European Markets

Replise was founded in Hungary in 2010 to provide social media analysis services. Our experts include Internet gurus, developers, market researchers and managers. Over the past four years, our company, shaped by the evolving market, has developed into a major player in the marketplace.


Our primary research and development center is based in Budapest, with a regional center operating out of Warsaw. Our West European office in Frankfurt and market research facilities in London provide essential services to our growing clientele worldwide.


Our research covers most European countries and languages, while our solutions are also available to fast-growing markets like China, South America and the Middle East. Vast amounts of data are generated for each of these markets daily, waiting to be transformed into market advantage. We analyze social media content in over 40 languages with classic market research methodologies, qualitative and quantitative analyses, based on our experience accumulated in Europe, the culturally and linguistically most diverse part of the world.



Our analysis serves as valuable intelligence to help devise communications strategies, develop new products, research markets and trends, and develop marketing campaign strategies. Our services include various solutions ranging from simple social media monitoring to brand-specific deep analyses packages.


Our Mission

The widespread use of social media and the proliferation of connected devices have opened new dimensions for inter-human communications. We are excited to provide clients the ability to interpret this vast and complex interactive knowledge cloud with our sophisticated technology and expertise in all parts of the world. By doing so, we help clients to better understand their consumers, reduce excess investment risks, and  more confidently lead their enterprise.  We provide a competitive edge to clients by uncovering and synthesizing knowledge that is often invisible to competitors. We are creating a new level of business intelligence (BI): Social Intelligence (SI). We are at the forefront of this emerging industry that will shape our future for generations to come!