In the case of many popular brands, unmanageable amounts of data are generated in the social media space; it can often be difficult to highlight the most relevant and important themes. With Replise’s system, important mentions (“mentions” refers to comments about a particular topic/brand/theme/product) can be identified and weighted, which helps to detect and manage a fast-rising issue related to the brand. Apart from analysis, social media allows quick access to online opinion leaders, thereby helping the design and management of efficient PR campaigns.


Reputation management

You can be notified instantly of any community activity supporting or threatening the reputation of your company.

CSR, sponsorship

You can receive useful feedback on current or future activities and campaigns. One of the most significant PR platforms of CSR processes today is social media.


Social media press list

You can identify, group and address the opinion leaders of various topics. You can solicit participation in the testing of products and services, and social media communications. Your achievements will spread with authenticity, and with extreme speed.