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Replise nominated its recent iconic mustard study for the AMECORG awards this year

Replise_BRAND_icon_MedResReplise, the social intelligence company, announced today its nomination in two categories for the prestigious AMEC awards this year. Replise, a leading provider of social media listening and intelligence solutions, has entered its recent Mustard research report in two categories: Best Use of Social Media Measurement, which recognises entries that demonstrate best practice in measurement in the digital space; and the Innovation award, which show novel, innovative ways to track and measure communications performance through research and measurement. “In this incredibly competitive space, I am proud that the Replise analyst team as well as the software team are able to meet rigorous professional standards, and deliver quality research that is second to none” Gergo Vari, CEO of Replise added. See more.


2013 – The Year in Review: This is What We Talked about in Social Media

FMCG Market – Social Intelligence

Among the many topics discussed in social media, undoubtedly the controversial introduction of the national tobacco shops created the biggest buzz. The e-toll, particularly as the result of the glitches during launch, received a lot of mention as well. The third hottest topic debated was the horse-meat scandal that generated comments that aired a lot of anger and frustration when it was revealed that beef was often substituted by horse meat… (Source: Replise Social Intelligence)



Marketing: Goldrush in Social Media

Last year, the ongoing crisis and the diminishing trust in conventional savings brought an alternative investment to the fore: gold. The precious metal caught the attention on small investors as well, and this new goldrush brought along numerous new companies that offer gold-based investments. In this study we analyse how the markets value gold-based investments in social media, using data provided by Replise Social Intelligence.



Pijaru Koksu Blog,

The blog presents the summary of the press conference that introduced a new company on the Internet and social media monitoring market – Replise Poland. The author discusses the history of the company as well as out tools and systems used for the acquisition and analysis of the content published in social media.

Pijaru Koksu Blog

Internet World Business – Smart TVs

18. 10. 2013

What do users define as “smart TV”? What is important to them and what bothers them? A study by Replise had a closer look. The outcome was, among other things, that the majority has a negative attitude towards smart TVs.

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Absatzwirtschaft – Gartner comment

09. 09. 2013.

According to Gartner, the topic of social media analysis exceeded the “Peak of Inflated Expectations” and now heads into the “Through of Disillusionment”. Replise’s solution to this observation: Social Intelligence.


Absatzwirtschaft – IFA Buzz Smartwatch

05. 09. 2013.

Ahead of IFA exhibitors sprinkle news and rumors to draw as much attention as possible to their own products. Replise found out that most discussions in the social media were caused by Samsung. Reason is the assumed race between Apple and Samsung to present their first smart watch.

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05. 09. 2013

In reference to the current political situation related to pension funds, Replise, on behalf of the, prepared a report about opinions of the Internet users regarding the debate on the funds. The survey shows that almost 60% of the published content had a negative tone, though after the announcement of changes in the reform, Internet users’ mood slightly improved.


20. 08. 2013

On behalf of, Replise prepared a survey on Internet users’ opinions about Polish universities. Editorial material presents the main conclusions of the analysis.


An interview with Gergo Vari posted on after the IAB 2013 forum.

16. 06. 2013

In reference to the Warsaw’s IAB 2013 forum, an interview with the George Vari, Replise CEO, was published on the IAB Poland YouTube channel.  The speaker talks about Replise activities and the innovative approach to market research and business intel – Social Intelligence.


29. 04. 2013

Replise prepared a report on how Poles usually spend time during the long weekend in May. published an article based on the study results.


17. 04. 2013

One of the biggest PR crises in the media industry continues. Newspapers published materials about the merger of the Cyfra+ and N, which, due to poorly prepared and conduced communication, caused a nearly seven-fold increase in negative opinions among Internet users about the merger platform. The article was based on Replise’s social intelligence study.


Wirtualne Media

17. 04. 2013

Portal prepared the material based on Replise’s survey about nc+ platform crisis. Article contains the most important conclusions on the basis of social media content published on the Internet.

 Wirtualne Media_17.04.2013

Łupki Polskie –

10. 04. 2013

The Lupki Polskie website published a post relating to Internet users opinions about shale gas extraction in the country.