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Social Intelligence

Artificial and Human Intelligence Combined for Better Business.

We use market research methodologies to analyze social media; when paired with a highly developed technological toolset – the combination brings enormous advantages!


Our Social Intelligence Service provides support in strategic areas. Data are reviewed, interpreted, organized and synthesized by market research experts to provide qualitative input for strategic business decisions. This knowledge is provided to our clients using a framework of structured analyses.


The result: a new understanding of consumer behavior patterns. We have developed a system that covers virtually all social media properties allowing us to track and uncover consumer attitudes and behavior patterns in the culturally and linguistically diverse European region. Thanks to our analysts and our unique toolset, you’ll be able to uncover what people think about your brand from a brand (pun intended) new perspective, and perhaps reveal a surprising new viewpoint. In the social media space, data on demographics, decision factors and consumer habits can be extracted and synthesized into a revealing story.  For example, in the case of a product targeted to young women, we can show opinions and impact, as expressed in mother-daughter dialogs, peer-dialogs and also mass media messaging.


Usages for this intelligence:

  • Communications strategy
  • Product development
  • Discussion thread for focus groups
  • Data collection for questionnaires
  • Competitor analysis
  • Trend research
  • Support for agency tenders
  • International projects
  • Crisis forecasting



  • Instant, real-time decision-support
  • Collection and analysis of viewpoints, opinions in social media
  • Up-to-date information on all dialogs
  • Understanding attitudes and motivation of the target group
  • Significant price advantage compared to other methods
  • A single partner for all countries in Europe